The First Documentary to explore the Phenomenon of Mid-Century Modern Builder, Joseph Eichler

Mid-century modern enthusiasts will delight in this film celebrating the passion of homeowners, architects and fans of the homes built by Joseph Eichler in California between 1949 and 1974. People in Glass Houses is the first film to explore the legacy of the Eichler phenomenon and seeks to discover what makes these homes so compelling. Featuring interviews with seven Eichler owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as conversations with Ned Eichler, son of Joseph Eichler, and Paul Adamson, noted author, Eichler historian and architect.

The film is a collaboration between Mid-Century Modern Realtor, Monique Lombardelli and Director/Creative, Kyle Chesser, a Eicher home owner for over 10 years. Together their efforts have been delighting audiences and Eichler owners alike. This 45 minute documentary features a historic overview of Joseph Eichler and how he got his start in developing Mid Century modern neighborhoods. Additionally, the film catches up with seven Eichler neighborhood representatives, who were all as passionate as the film makers to tell their story and be a part of preserving the Eichler legacy. The featured home owners give insight into the phenomenon of the Eichler counter culture and allow viewers a candid tour inside their various models. Winner of the CreaTV Full length documentary award and written about in magazines like Dwell and CA Modern Magazine, this is a must see film!